Moving to Serbia

belgrade monument moving to serbiaExpats moving to Serbia will be welcomed to one of Europe’s most culturally diverse countries.

During the summer tourists love spending their time in Belgrade and enjoy the nature of many national parks throughout the country. In winter, they are warmly welcomed to mountain resorts (one of the most popular being Kopaonik, featured on BBC as one of the best ski destinations in Europe). There are also many spa resorts such as Sokobanja, NiškaBanja and VrnjačkaBanja.

Serbs are warm people, especially towards foreigners. They are very welcoming towards tourists, of which there are not many as the country’s full potential has yet to be reached! Most Serbs speak English and are eager to practice it, so you will be able to find your way around by asking directions. Most tourists come to Serbia in the summer and you can often hear German, Italian, French and English in the streets of Belgrade, while Slovenian, German, Austrian, Bosnian, and Hungarian tourists pour for New Year holidays.

Serbia’s many sights include stunning castles, Medieval monasteries, lovely traditional villages and bustling cities with baroque parks and art-deco architecture.

Its capital, Belgrade, is a lively and upcoming European city with the Sava and Danube rivers running right trough it. It’s a nice place to spend time. Stroll through Prince Michael Street, the cities main pedestrian street, or have a drink on Skadarlija, a vintage street in the spirit of old Belgrade, filled with restaurants and cafés.There are a lot of old buildings on all four banks, including the huge Kalemegdan Fortress. Once an important military fortification, it now serves as central park of Belgrade with beautiful views, especially during sunset. Within the fort is a zoo, a military museum, famous churches, galleries, parks, sports fields, etc. It has a multitude of various towers and ports, and two long walking/biking paths along both rivers.

Other Belgrade sights include the modern Temple of Saint Sava, the National Museum and the Old Castle. The river islandAdaCiganlija has an artificial lake and an 8 km long gravel beach, which is visited by thousands of bathers during the summer. It’s a lively place with lots of entertainment, cafes and restaurants, some of which are opened the whole year round. Zemun, now part of the Belgrade urban area, developed independently for most of its history and is a pleasant area with a distinct identity.EXIT festival is the biggest music festival in SE Europe, that is happening in the beginning of July, in Novi Sad, on Petrovaradin fortress

Serbian food is a typical Balkan mix of Central European and Near Eastern dishes. Serbs are very proud of their food, which is heavy on grilled meats and sausages, local cheeses and bread. Serbia is predominantly a meat-loving nation. In all major cities, there are many international restaurants, such as Italian and Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese, and Israeli. In Belgrade you can even find sushi or kosher food.

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